Introducing the USB C to Headphone Jack Adapter – your ticket to a seamless audio experience in the modern world of connectivity! Say hello to a world where your favorite tunes, podcasts, and calls are just a plug away, no matter how advanced your device may be. Our adapter is the bridge that brings the classic headphone jack into the USB C era, ensuring that you stay connected to your audio universe with ease and style.

In a world where technology evolves at a rapid pace, our USB C to Headphone Jack Adapter is designed to keep pace with your audio needs. If you’ve found yourself with a device that’s embraced the USB-C revolution but still hold dear your trusty wired headphones, this adapter is the solution you’ve been searching for. It transforms your USB C port into a familiar headphone jack, allowing you to enjoy your audio content without missing a beat.

Let’s talk simplicity – the adapter’s plug-and-play design means no more wrestling with complicated setups. It’s as easy as connecting your USB C device to the adapter, plugging in your headphones, and voila! Your audio experience is seamlessly restored. No need for additional drivers or complicated configurations – just pure, straightforward connectivity.

We understand the importance of versatility in your accessories, and our USB C to Headphone Jack Adapter delivers just that. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other USB C-enabled device, this adapter is your universal audio companion. It’s your ticket to a consistent audio experience across all your gadgets, making it an essential addition to your tech arsenal.

Don’t let the absence of a headphone jack cramp your style. Our adapter ensures that you can keep rocking out to your favorite tunes, participate in video calls, or immerse yourself in gaming without compromise. The high-quality sound transmission maintains the integrity of your audio, providing a crisp and clear listening experience every time you plug in.

Compact, lightweight, and durable – these are the qualities that define our USB C to Headphone Jack Adapter. Toss it in your pocket, slip it into your bag, and you’re ready to go. The robust construction ensures that it can handle the demands of your on-the-go lifestyle, making it the perfect travel companion for audiophiles and tech enthusiasts alike.

Say goodbye to the era of dongle anxiety and hello to the freedom of choice. Our USB C to Headphone Jack Adapter is here to make sure that your wired headphones never go out of style. Embrace the simplicity of plug-and-play connectivity and keep the beats flowing. Elevate your audio experience with our friendly, reliable, and stylish adapter – because good music deserves to be heard, no matter the port!



  • Brand : Celbro
  • Internal Material : Copper wiring
  • External Material : Nylon braided
  • Colour : As selected
  • Connection : Male Type C to Female 3.5mm
  • Phone compatible : Yes (no music control)

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