Introducing the Shokz Charger – Unleashing the Power of Effortless Charging

Embark on a new era of convenience with the Shokz Charger, a revolutionary charging solution designed to complement your active lifestyle. Born from the fusion of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, this charger is set to redefine the way you power up your favorite Shokz audio gear. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant charging interruptions and welcome a seamless charging experience that keeps pace with your dynamic life.

Wireless Freedom:
The Shokz Charger takes the concept of hassle-free charging to the next level with its wireless charging capabilities. No more fumbling with cords or searching for the right cable – simply place your Shokz audio gear on the charger, and let the magic happen. Embrace the freedom of wireless charging and experience the convenience of a clutter-free charging station.

Tailored for Shokz Audio Gear:
Designed specifically for Shokz audio products, this charger is crafted to provide a perfect fit for your Shokz headphones. Whether you own the Aeropex, OpenMove, or any other Shokz model, the Shokz Charger ensures a seamless and efficient charging experience, preserving the integrity of your audio gear while keeping you in the zone with your favorite tunes.

Quick Charge Technology:
Time is of the essence, especially for those with active lifestyles. The Shokz Charger is equipped with quick charge technology, delivering a rapid and efficient charging experience. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to more time enjoying your music and less time worrying about battery life.

Intelligent Charging Management:
Protect your investment with the Shokz Charger’s intelligent charging management system. This feature ensures that your Shokz audio gear receives the optimal amount of power without the risk of overcharging, preserving the longevity of your devices. Rest easy knowing that your favorite headphones are in good hands, and their battery life is maximized for peak performance.

Portable and Lightweight:
Designed with portability in mind, the Shokz Charger is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Slip it into your bag, backpack, or gym duffel, and you’ll always have a reliable charging solution wherever your adventures take you. Stay charged and ready to roll with a charger that matches the portability of your Shokz audio gear.

Sleek and Modern Design:
Elevate your charging station with the Shokz Charger’s sleek and modern design. The minimalist aesthetic seamlessly integrates into any environment, whether it’s your home office, gym, or bedside table. Make a statement with a charger that not only performs but also adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

In conclusion, the Shokz Charger is more than just a charging accessory – it’s a game-changer for Shokz audio enthusiasts. Experience the freedom of wireless charging, the speed of quick charge technology, and the peace of mind that comes with intelligent charging management. Step into the future of charging with the Shokz Charger and discover a new level of convenience that aligns seamlessly with your active and dynamic lifestyle.


  • Colour : Black
  • Length : As selected
  • Power capability : 1A
  • Data transfer speeds (Maximum) : N/A
  • Connector A (Gender/Type/Version) : Male Type A USB
  • Connector B (Gender/Type/Version) : AfterShokz Magnetic Connector
  • Cable Material : PVC
  • Certifications : CE, RoHS


  • AfterShokz OpenComm ASC100
  • AfterShokz Aeropex AS800
  • AfterShokz Aeropex AS803
  • AfterShokz OpenRun Pro AS810

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