Where can I download non Google Play applications?

Where Can I Find the Best Non-Playstore Apps for Android

Google Playstore is easily the app ecosystem of choice, as its vast collection of apps and games satisfy most of our needs. However, even with this extensive compilation of multimedia content, you may still not find certain apps you need. This could be as a result of a wide range of reasons: Playstore may not provide support for the app on your device, it may not be supported in your region, or the app does not meet your Country’s requirements to allow you access to it.

Whatever the case, there are a number of viable alternatives that you can use to get access to your choice apps. The design and diversity of the Android landscape allows users try out a wide range of apps. In addition, some of your choice apps may be offered for free while they are paid on Google Playstore.

In order to allow installation of your choice apps from third-party stores, go to Settings>Security and click Enable “Unknown Sources”. Now that we are sure about the benefits and potentials of third party app stores, here are the best Google Playstore alternatives.

Amazon App Store (Amazon Underground)

The Amazon App Store should be your go-to choice if you are in need of an alternative to Google Playstore. It has an extensive collection of apps, including free and paid ones. Interestingly, the app features a variety of deals that allow users get access to paid apps for free. Discoverability of an app is easy with this store since apps are listed in different sections and categories. However, with the absence of a web interface for the store, you would need to download the apk so you can use it.

APK Mirror

Apk Mirror is the largest legitimate source of apps on the internet. You would find all the apps on Playstore in this store, and it comes with a bigger bonus: you can download older versions of an app if you please. So if you are experiencing any issues with an app’s latest version or you simply need the older version, Apk Mirror is your go-to source. However, it has no official app so you must visit the website to gain access to the apps on the store. Interestingly, the app store allows you gain access to apps that may not yet be available in your country or region.


This app predates the release of Android devices in the mobile technology space. However, while it is not an Android-only store, it is still a better alternative to a variety of Android app stores. It has a huge selection of apps, although some of them are not up to date. You can download the official app and enjoy a decent app experience from the shop.


Mobogenie is one of the app stores where you can find Google apps not on Playstore. You will basically find the same apps on Playstore, but the site has a great selection system that makes it a lot easier to find your choice apps.

While it is difficult to say any of the above apps could be better than Google Playstore, they are also good alternatives.

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