What is QI charging?

What is Qi Wireless Charging?

QI is a wireless charging standard, pronounced as “Chee.”, it’s a way of charging a compatible device without the need to plug it into a charger. Many known smartphone brands support Qi including :

  • Apple (iPhone 8 onwards)
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Microsoft Lumia
  • Google
  • Blackberry

Wireless charging has revolutionised the smartphone industry and has made charging easier and faster. The Qi was first released in 2010, it works by placing your smartphone or tab on the top of the Qi wireless charging pad, and then like magic, it starts charging. It’s most likely some kind of wizardry.

The Devices Compatible with Qi Wireless Charging

As mentioned above, known phone brands have designed phones with a built-in Qi wireless charging system. Before you buy one a wireless charging pad, you should first make sure that your phone is compatible. In cases where the phone is not compatible, you can also purchase wireless charging adapters that will stick to the back of your device to enable this technology.

How do Qi Wireless Charging Pads Work?

Wireless charging pads use resonant inductive coupling between the charging pad and the mobile phone. The pad first sends a test signal to confirm whether the device is compatible with Qi wireless charging. Once the compatibility is established, the charging begins via induction. The switch turns to standby mode when the battery is full. The Qi Wireless Charging technology employs the use of electromagnetic coils that transmit charge.

Why Do Mobile Phone Manufacturers Prefer Qi?

Most phone manufacturers prefer the Qi standard over other competitors due to the following:

  • The Qi is easy to Incorporate

Ever since its publication in 2010, tech gurus began inventing chips that would aid in wireless charging. The availability of these chips led to the extensive incorporation of them in mobile phones. After some time, several phone manufacturers had already made phones with built-in Qi wireless charging.

  • It’s Energy efficient

The Qi Wireless Charging pad uses inductive charging which is quite energy efficient compared to resonant chargers.

  • It Features both Inductive and Resonant Charging

Qi features both these types of charging. It aided manufacturers concerning backward compatibility.

Use of the Qi wireless charging pad has become widespread. When using it, you should line up your phone correctly on the pad for it to start charging. Other than that, it has made charging easy and simple. Having a Qi wireless charging pad by your bed, in your car or even at work will ensure you never have to worry about a dead battery. You don’t have to fumble around with cables anymore. There are lots of Qi wireless charging pads out there. Buy one and enjoy easy and fast charging.

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